CFN cardlock fueling stationOne Account for 236,000 Fueling Stations

Many transport businesses struggle to manage fuel costs, due to relying on drivers to accurately report fuel costs when they use retail fueling stations. Those that have the advantage of using commercial cardlock networks have increased control over fuel expenses, but still have to spend time consolidating multiple billing statements from different fueling station networks. This leads to cost overages, excessive paperwork, and lost time.

Hunt & Sons has found a solution to this common issue by partnering with two of the largest commercial fueling networks in the country: Pacific Pride and Commercial Fueling Network (CFN). With a single purchasing account, drivers can purchase fuel from more than 236,000 fueling stations across the US and Canada, while providing you with a single bi-monthly expense report for all fuel purchases. In addition, you can use our online management system to monitor expenses and make real-time changes to how, when, and where your fuel cards can be used.

Managed Fuel System

Hunt & Sons provides high quality fuel management solutions for commercial clients ranging from small businesses to large corporate fleets. We can help you cut your overall fuel costs by eliminating common sources of waste, reducing costly mistakes, and making it more difficult to hide abuse and misuse of resources.

Transport businesses are often impacted by misreported expenses—purchases of food, alcohol, and other non-fuel items that are reported as fuel purchases—that accounts for about 15% of total fuel consumption. This abuse results in an increase in total fuel cost of as much as 30 cents per gallon over the retail pump price. Our managed purchasing system can eliminate this abuse and inappropriate use of your commercial fuel purchasing account.

Using our online account management system, you can set a wide range of card restrictions, including:
•    What products can be purchased
•    Days of the week and times when purchases can be made
•    Maximum number of gallons that can be purchased
•    Restricting usage in specific zip codes

Restriction settings are made in real-time, so when you activate or deactivate a card, or make changes to card restrictions, you can be secure in knowing that the changes will take immediate effect. In addition, many cardlock fueling stations offer real-time updates with transaction information and alerts about error and denial codes, which allows us to see and fix the issue immediately. For customers who need after hours support for card issues, we offer 24 hour customer service at (800) 734-2999.

At the end of each billing period our clients receive a printed fuel management report, summary, and invoice for payment.  This comprehensive report highlights your entire company’s fueling activity in thorough detail.

We also offer online account management. Our customers can log into our online data management server to retrieve information, including when and where purchases were made, vehicle odometer readings, estimated mile per gallon, type and amount of fuel purchased, price per gallon, and total cost.

This information can be exported to an Excel or CSV spreadsheet, which allows for easy import into third-party fleet management software, or simply for recordkeeping. All invoices are stored in the system, so you can re-download any necessary historical invoices at any time, as needed.

System Features

Hunt and Sons offers business fleets a wide range of controls necessary for properly managing fuel consumption and driver activity. The following list of features are just some of the advanced tools we can offer your business.

Two Networks, One Invoice!


Controls & Data Collection @ the Fuel Island

Inmediate validation/invalidation of cards

Real-time Restriction Updates

Retail Site Restrictions

Zip Code Restrictions

State Restrictions (for Retail Locations)

User Definable PIN Security

User definable PIN is easier to remember and can change when given to new employee for additional security.

Odometer Entry

Proper entry allows MPG analysis.

Per-Day Transaction Limit

Misc. Key Board Entry (*)

Helps code fueling activity by anything a user needs such as job number, profit center, etc.
(*) This feature does not work at all retail sites. It is dependent on site equipment. This will always be accepted at cardlocks, though.

Product Grade Restrictions

Ensures drivers purchase only the designated fuel grade such as diesel or regular gas.

Gallon Limit Per Transaction

Prevents over filling of tank resulting in potential spills.

Gallon Limit Per Day, Week, Month

Ensures employee purchases match their fueling needs, reducing potential abuse.

Time of Day/Day of Week Restrictions

Helps prevent unauthorized fueling when employee is not on the job working for your company.

Fueling Activity Alerts

Card Usage Alerts

Management Reporting & Information Access

Comprehensive Management Reporting

Complete fueling activity analysis including tax accounting and driver reporting.


Free Aggregate Fuel Cost Analysis

Want to know how much you can save? Hunt & Sons offers prospective customers a free Aggregate Fuel Cost Analysis, which breaks down how much your current fuel purchasing program is costing you, and how much money you stand to save by upgrading to our fuel management system.

Use the contact form to submit a fuel cost analysis request, along with information about your current business operation, and a fleet consultant will provide you with the results of our analysis in just a short while.