motor vehicle designed to carry liquefied loads or dry bulk cargoCommercial Fuel Delivery

Hunt & Sons delivers bulk quantities of all grades of gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, and kerosene. Our top-tier fleet of delivery trucks allows us to provide quick and efficient fuel delivery service throughout California and Nevada. Our drivers are professionally trained and well experienced, and have the necessary licensure to meet all state and federal requirements.

We service a wide range of businesses and industries, including gas stations, truck stops, agricultural organizations, government agencies, and retail companies with large vehicle fleets that necessitate on-site fuel storage and pumping. We deliver petroleum products to customers of all sizes and types, including commercial, government, and private, with deliveries typically ranging in size from approximately 500 gallons up to 8,000 gallons. Whatever your needs, we can fulfill them.

For businesses that are interested in cutting costs by building on-site fueling systems, we sell commercial grade fuel tanks, pumps, filters, nozzles, meters, and other equipment. In addition, Hunt & Sons offers support services for maintaining on-site fuel storage and pumping systems. Let us manage your fuel and fueling station needs, so that you and you staff can dedicate more time to your core services and increase efficiency and revenue generation.

Mobile On-Site Fueling

For clients who run on a tight schedule and don’t have the time to manpower to shuttle trucks back and forth to nearby fuel stations, and don’t have access to an on-site fueling station, we offer mobile on-site fueling. According to your needs, our drivers will bring in scheduled deliveries of fuel, and ensure that every vehicle in your fleet is filled with the necessary type of fuel. When your drivers show up for work, their vehicles will be ready to roll, with no delays for fueling.

Some of the benefits of on-site fueling include:
•    Businesses that have previously used on-site fueling systems can eliminate the inherent environmental liability of having fuel tanks on the premises.
•    Drivers no longer have the ability to abuse fuel purchasing accounts by purchasing personal items at retail stations, or to steal fuel from on-site fueling stations for personal vehicles.
•    Employee labor costs are reduced, as drivers don’t have to waste time fueling vehicles.