When high quality lubricants are first produced, they are pure and free of contamination. But as they are moved from production facilities to storage tanks to rail cars to transportation trucks, each time passing through plumbing or tubing that may not have been properly maintained for months or years, lubricants accumulate contaminants. While these particulate contaminants may be extremely small in size—smaller than a grain of pollen—they can wreak havoc on the performance and uptime of the equipment you depend on most. In addition, moisture can be absorbed due to leaks and environmental exposure, resulting in the premature degradation and failure of lubricants.

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At the same time, machinery manufacturers are being pushed by competition and government regulations to develop equipment with fewer emissions and more efficient fuel consumption. These newer pieces of equipment have incredibly tight tolerances and higher system pressures, all of which require the use of oil with ever increasing cleanliness standards.

As a consequence of this collision between the need for pristine lubricants and ever tightening purity specifications, clean lubricants are the lifeblood of your company. This is why Hunt & Sons is proud to offer Chevron’s ISOCLEAN technology to our customers, giving you access to the clean lubricants you need for business success.

In addition, we can assist you in cleaning your on-site facilities to ensure that they meet equipment ISO specifications, so that you can trust that when you need your lubricants to work at peak performance, that they will be up to the challenge.

Our ISOCLEAN lubricant services include:

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• On-Site Lubricant Purification
• Lubricant Dehydration and Filtration
• Varnish Mitigation and Removal
• Tank Decontamination
• High-Velocity Oil Flushing
• System Decontamination
• System Audits and Condition Monitoring

In addition, we also sell lubricants purified using the ISOCLEAN process. For more information, visit our lubricant products page.

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